Selling your products through big box retailers is a great way to increase sales and expand your product reach. Typically these retailers also have special requirements and tight shipping windows. Whether you are drop shipping directly to the consumer and must include a retailer branded pack slip and ship within 24 hours or shipping pallets directly to the retailers distribution center and must apply UCC128 barcode labels and meet a tight delivery window, MDS Fulfillment has the skills, knowledge, and resources to make it happen!

Consider the benefits . . .

  • With MDS Fulfillment as your fulfillment partner, YOU become an effective ecommerce wholesaler, improving your sales on high traffic retail websites while helping your retailers meet their objectives.
  • As an experienced drop shipper, we guarantee that your shipments are 100% compliant and help you meet retailer expectations. We’ll even cover the chargeback for compliance related errors.
  • Improved vendor scorecard rating and customer satisfaction.
  • We keep costs down for both you and the retailer. We can help with everything from packaging to freight costs!
  • MDS Fulfillment is centrally located in the Midwest for fast delivery and low shipping costs.
  • With a full range of API and other integration capabilities, we help navigate retailer set-up and apply automation wherever possible to increase efficiencies.
  • Real-time visibility to inventory levels, order status, and document imaging of signed bill of lading.


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