MDS Fulfillment is one of the top Midwest fulfillment and kitting centers in the US offering warehousing, kitting, assembly, packaging, and industry leading fulfillment. We attract companies worldwide with our strong focus on quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Services we provide include…

  • Recommending and procuring all required cartons, packaging, and materials
  • Validating kit composition and item quantities
  • First article prototype creation with fully documented bill of materials and standard operating procedure
  • Employing hand and auto-assist kitting and assembly process
  • Weight verification and quality checks
  • Custom reporting and real-time updates on inventory levels, usage details, build status, and shipping
  • Light assembly and machining
  • Part inspection and sorting
  • Quality and compliance checks and product testing
  • Part storage, warehousing, and transfer
  • Beverage and product bundling
  • Shrink sleeving and wrapping
  • Auto-bag packaging and printing
  • Poly-bag packaging and heat sealing


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